Everything you need to know about washable sanitary pads!

Everything you need to know about washable sanitary pads

Everything you need to know about washable sanitary pads!

Everything you need to know about washable sanitary pads

In the last few years, responsible, eco-friendly behavior has been driving change in almost all spheres of an individual’s life, including menstrual care. Consequently, there are many reusable and eco-friendly solutions to one-time-use menstrual items, and washable sanitary pads are an interesting alternative for people who want to be both environmentally friendly and to “look out” for their health.

These pads act as an effective alternative to single-use products while also significantly reducing the amount of trash created due to the use of disposable items. While the awareness was growing and the demand for eco-friendly alternatives was rising, washable pads were becoming popular, being a sign of a change in society’s approach to menstrual care with health in mind.

What Are Washable Sanitary Pads?

Washable sanitary pads provide an eco-friendly, reusable option for menstrual care. They absorb flow like disposables but can be washed and worn again. Typically made of absorbent layers of organic cotton, bamboo, or microfiber, these pads snap into underwear to catch fluid. As a sustainable alternative to throwing away pads monthly, washable designs reduce waste while delivering reliable protection and comfort.

Organic cotton is well known for its softness, without using any chemicals. Bamboo offers antibacterial properties and high absorbency, and microfiber gives moisture-wicking functions. These eco-friendly products can be found in different styles and sizes, and they are designed to suit each individual with varied flow levels, comfort preferences, and body types. There are plenty of choices, such as slim liners for light days, more substantial options for heavy flows, and even overnight designs for extended protection. The choices are endless and can satisfy the wide variety of individual needs during the cyclical experience of menstruation.

Benefits of Using Washable Sanitary Pads

1) Environmental Impact:

One of the most outstanding benefits of using reusable sanitary pads is the drastic reduction in the quantity of waste. The disposable intrinsic nature of menstrual products creates a huge plastic waste problem, with projections showing that an average person may produce up to 140kg of waste from menstrual product items alone in their lifetime. As for the washable pads, they might be used for years, while the number of menstrual products destined for landfill drops considerably. This shift, in fact, not only helps individuals decrease their own waste but also promotes larger environmental conservation projects.

2) Cost-Effectiveness:

Regarding finance, the expenses on the washing of sanitary pads are reasonably compensated in the future. On the other hand, the purchase of disposable pads is needed regularly, whereas the lifespan of a reusable pad could be up to 5 years or more with good care. Taking into account the fact that a regular individual spends the sum of $120 every year on disposables, the transition to reusables can be a savings of hundreds of dollars over their lifetime. Long-term savings here is a significant advantage for any individual who is looking to save money while not compromising the quality of the used menstrual care.

3) Health and Comfort:

The cloth pads made of washable material do not contain any chemicals and perfumes that could be found in some disposable products, thus reducing the chances of rashes, allergies, and other skin reactions. Being natural fibre products, they are breathable and can lead to a more comfortable period experience. The use of organic materials and the absence of synthetic materials and chemicals also means a healthier decision for the body, by no means having to face exposure to substances that could be harmful.

4) Variety and Customizability:

The existence of various patterns, sizes, and absorbency levels offered by washable sanitary pads signifies that an individual can get an option that fits his/her needs and personal preferences. This assortment provides options for different types of flow from low to heavy and different times of monthly cycle. On top of that, the variety of the designs and colors of the pads turns menstrual care into a more individual and creative process, as people can select pads that match their own style.

How to Use and Care for Washable Sanitary Pads?

Using washable sanitary pads is straightforward and involves simple care routines to maintain hygiene and longevity:

1) Usage:

Secure the pad against your underwear by either snapping or attaching it. Change the pad every 4-6 hours or at the time needed, which can be less or more frequent based on your flow.

2) Washing:

Rinse the used pads in cold water to remove blood until the water clears out. Next, put them in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent or hand wash them with soap and water. Don’t use fabric softeners and bleach since they can reduce absorbency.

3) Drying:

Hang them out to dry in a well-ventilated area or outside if possible. Prefer not to use a dryer on high heat settings; instead, get your clothesline to avoid any fabric damage.

4) Storing:

Once the pad is completely dry, put it in a clean, dry space until your menstrual cycle. Or you can place them in a box. You can keep your washable sanitary pads functional, hygienic, and in good shape over time by following these simple guidelines.


By choosing to use and wash reusable pads, it becomes a more mindful choice for health, sustainability, and financial savings. Thus, this switching not only gives the environment a big relief by minimizing waste but also provides a better, healthier, and less harsh experience. The first stage can be considered as a strong trend toward a wider environmental movement. We would like you to consider this ecological alternative and share your experience, motivating other girls to do the same. As individuals, we can make a positive change by our actions. This can lead to a better Earth and a more equitable world. Let’s pioneer a new trend and do things right.

Next time you reach for those washable sanitary pads know they’re more than just pads; they’re your ally in maintaining intimate well-being. And when it comes to reliable comfort, consider trying ReliefPad – a brand that understands the importance of your comfort and confidence.


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