5 Reasons Why You Should Try reusable cloth pads for periods!

5 Reasons Why You Should Try reusable cloth pads for periods

5 Reasons Why You Should Try reusable cloth pads for periods!

5 Reasons Why You Should Try reusable cloth pads for periods

In the last few years, the conversations about sustainable and more environmentally friendly solutions have urged a paradigm change in the menstrual care field. Owing to the sustainable nature and health benefits that come with the usage of sustainable period products, some people opt for these as alternatives to regular disposable ones. Clothpads made of reusable material have been the most influential action in the movement, providing a sustainable approach that relates to the growing environmental consciousness and conscious living.

Such change is just a reflection of a broader trend attached to sustainable living as well as it shows a growth in a consciousness of the differences that reusable menstrual products make to both the environment and ourselves. While we explore why you should try out a cloth pad, it is obvious that for all personal reasons, it also equates to a collective step towards a more wholesome and health-promoting future.

Reason 1: Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of throwaway menstrual products is tremendous. One person generates 300lb of waste from them during his/her menstruating lifetime. These unnatural materials originate from one-use plastic and other non-biodegradable waste, which not only make a large contribution to landfills but also pollute the environment. It takes hundreds of years for them to decompose. In stark contrast to that, a switch to washable cloth pads brings about a striking decrease in personal waste creation. A single reusable cloth pad for periods can last up to 5 years or more if properly cared for, which means that in just five years, one could potentially substitute for hundreds, even thousands, of disposable disposable pads and tampons.

Waste reduction is only one obvious part of the eco-friendliness of reusable personal hygiene products, as it lowers the demand for disposables, which use a great deal of water and generate carbon emissions in the process of production. People who use reusable pads contribute to a massive reduction in plastic waste and pollution by making a personal choice to play a significant role in minimizing pollution. This decision does not only provide the planet with a reduction of landfill waste but also supports sustainable and green period care.

Reason 2: Cost-Effectiveness

The money-saving fact that reusable cloth pads can be used again and again rather than the one-time use of disposable menstruation products clearly shows the value of choosing this option. To begin with, the upfront cost of buying reusable pads may seem to be higher than buying a one-pack of disposables, yet the long-term savings are in the true value. You need to have a fresh disposable pad every cycle, so your costs are continuous month after month, year after year.

Unlike disposable pads, reusable cloth pads for periods, which, once bought, can be used for almost a lifetime with proper care and, hence, can reduce the need to buy new ones frequently. It means the difference between a recurring expense and a one-time investment goes into your personal account and builds up your savings. The reusability of cloth pads, in fact, reduces the cost per use drastically, thus making them quite economical in the long run when judged against the one-time use of their disposable counterparts. In addition to financial savings, the selection of reusable pads is in line with a lifestyle that respects sustainability and mindful consumption, bringing more joy to the user.

Reason 3: Health and Comfort

Cloth pads are praised for their comfort and health, which are their most noticed features. Many disposable menstrual products contain chemicals and perfumes that cause irritation, allergies, and discomfort (especially in the case of people with sensitive skin). Contrarily, cloth sanitary pads are normally selected from natural materials such as cotton, bamboo and hemp, which are kind to the skin and without harsh chemicals. They maintain the skin’s breathability, minimizing the occurrence of varied rashes and promoting better health during the whole menstrual process.

The comfort is increased by the softness and flexibility of natural fibers, which are more form-fitting and pleasant around the body as compared to the often stiff and plastic feeling of disposables. Additionally, as the cloth pads do not contain any artificial scent, they remove the risk of irritation that comes with artificial scents, which makes them safer for maintaining vaginal health. For those with delicate skin or if you worry about the health implications of continuous contact with chemicals in disposable items, using reusable cloth pads is a good solution that is comfortable and safe.

Reason 4: Variety

In the market today, there is a broad array of reusable cloth pads that are tailored to people’s different needs and preferences. Unliking the one-size-fits-all approach that is typically associated with disposable pads, reusable options come in different sizes, styles, and absorbency levels. Thus, there is a perfect fit for everyone. The options can vary from a small-sized liner for light flow days to a heavy-duty pad that is designed for either heavy flows or overnight use. Customers can select the products that suit their needs throughout the cycle.

Besides, cloth pads are made of various fabrics, from soft organic cotton to moisture-wicking bamboo, which allows the users to choose which is most comfortable. This customization also includes aesthetics, with pads being produced in different colors and designs, which transform a plain item into a personalized and pleasant one.

Reason 5: Support for Local Businesses and Sustainable Practices

Reusable cloth pads are frequently supporting small and local businesses that use ethical and sustainable production processes. These companies often give their first preference to green materials and techniques that are environmentally beneficial. In a nutshell, if consumers choose their products, they are, in fact, supporting the green economy. Such assistance not only contributes to their prosperity but also contributes to the overall growth of environmental practices in the sector.

Consumer preferences become a strong voice in support of sustainability, showing a willingness to buy goods that are kind to the world. This is how the act of buying washable cloth pads goes beyond personal gain to support the broader environmental conservation movement and communities with a mindset of environmental consciousness.


Adopting ReliefPad‘s reusable cloth pads for periods ensures a win-win situation for you and your pocket and for the planet. We would like to invite you to give them the chance to become your day-to-day companions. Discover more advantages, and don’t be shy to speak with others about the ReliefPad because your words can inspire them to choose a better menstrual care option. 

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