Who We Are

About Us

We are here mainly for social and environmental causes!

Who We Are

About Us

We are here mainly for social and environmental causes!

About the brand

ReliefPad was launched in 2015 by Ajay Industrial Corporation Ltd. The manufacturing company is based in Uttar Pradesh, India. The brand started with a single product and now offers a range of feminine hygiene products and garments. 


We started with a business to business model and now offer our reusable sanitary pads directly to consumers through online sales. At ReliefPad our priority is maintaining quality and being environmentally responsible throughout our supply chain.


Our product offering is aimed to improve the lives of women in urban as well as rural areas. Our reusable sanitary pads can be used by any woman since it is economical, eco-friendly, antibacterial and easy to wash.



The most widely used menstrual hygiene product is a disposable sanitary pad

Disposable sanitary pads are made of single use plastic that does not decompose and remain in the ecosystem for centuries.

These plastic pads and tampons are dumped in the water, posing a threat to marine life.

Our channels

We are driven to make our menstrual hygiene products easily accessible for women through various channels:

NGO Collaborations

We have collaborated with more than 50 NGOs and CSR departments who have helped us reach underprivileged women who are unable to afford menstrual hygiene products that are available in the local shops.

Online sales

We cater to environmental conscious citizens who prefer to use eco-friendly items over single use products. Our pads can be purchased online in India through our website and alternatively through Amazon India.

Retail sales

You can find ReliefPads in retail outlets in some parts of Africa. 

Bulk sales

We invite businesses, NGOs, corporates, and the government for their requirements of hygiene and dignity kits, reusable sanitary pads, female underwear, menstrual panties, and panty liners.


500 million girls lack access to menstrual hygiene products all over the world.

Due to the lack of access, millions of girls drop out of school.

This creates a gender barrier and creates inequalities in the society.

Our certified wholesale sellers

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