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Bringing reusable period products to you. We see not a gap, almost a vacuum in the feminine hygiene industry where all menstrual hygiene products are mostly made of plastic. We were surprised to learn that there exists very few eco-friendly options that are safe, pocket-friendly and widely accepted in terms of affordability and social constructs.


-Disposable plastic pads contain plastic that takes around 800 year to decompose

-One female disposes around 250 plastic pads a year

-One plastic pad is equal to 4 plastic bags

-Disposable pads are not just made of plastic but also are individually wrapped in plastic 

Our reusable period products reduces waste and reduces the chances of a fish dying from choking

Our product offerings include reusable sanitary pads, female cotton underwear, hygiene kits, and menstrual panties.

Why do we do, what we do?

We want to enrich the lives of women through spreading menstrual health and hygiene awareness, making our eco-friendly products easily accessible and helping them lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.


How did we start?

Girls in rural and disaster or war stricken areas have limited access to menstrual hygiene products due to high prices and the need for procuring them through the market or NGOs every month.

For instance, India has a population of 355 million menstruating women. Only 121 million women use menstrual hygiene products. This gap exists due to limited access, high market prices and lack of awareness on menstrual hygiene practices. These women use old cloth, grass or mud that cause serious infections such as UTI and cancer. 

To bridge this gap, Ajay Industrial Corp. Ltd. launched ReliefPad in 2014 to offer an economic and reusable substitute to menstrual hygiene management. Collaborating with the Go Girl Foundation provides a gateway for the brand to spread menstrual health and hygiene awareness in rural areas and schools. 

We encourage NGOs and relief agencies to provide our sustainable products to women in rural areas as they are economic, eco-friendly, have to be distributed once in 18 months in a particular region.

Soon we realised the environmentally conscious behaviour of people who live in urban areas and cities who are comfortable switching to reusable sanitary pads to have a brighter future for the Earth. Through our online channels we make our reusable sanitary pad available directly to consumers.

Our products

What They Say

Parvathy Nair

I've used another brand and compared to it the odor locking is better for this one.

Mayuri Tank

I really loved the product... It's very safe. Firstly i was scared to purchase that what if i don't get the good results Afterall it's related to our hygiene. But when i used this product i was surprised and happy with the results. It's safe . It's been more than 7 months I've buyed and still am using it...

Mahi Desai

It is a must buy product! Amazing material, very comfortable to wear, doesn't leak ,easy to wash, better than other pads available in market and also doesn't suffocate the skin!! I will surely recommend


I received the ReliefPad from these people of FinnChurch Aid. They explained to us how to use them. It has helped me because , i don't have to use pieces of cloth anymore. And it last long.

Daniel Emasit-programmer co_ordinator-plan international

These pads (RELIEF PADS) are so user friendly. I like the fact that they are eco-friendly as well. The quality is good and am told they are quite affordable as well.


I really loved the product... It's very safe. Firstly i was scared to purchase that what if i don't get the good results Afterall it's related to our hygiene. But when i used this product i was surprised and happy with the results.


I bought these pads for my heavy flow and it is an amazing product and very comfortable too.... must buy for all the women out there

Girls from Bidibidi Refugee settlement

We want to thank the people at UNHCR for giving us these ReliefPads. They are so good. At least now, we don't have to worry about the leaks while in class.



Our manufacturing

Our pads are manufactured in India while adhering to environmental and hygiene standards. Our raw material is responsibly sourced and we are constantly trying to better ourselves in terms of environmental and social responsibilities.

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