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Hygiene kit

Our products

Hygiene kit

Hygiene kit

ReliefPad hygiene kit is a 360 degree menstrual hygiene solution crafted best for women stuck in disaster, war or poverty. It is designed best for NGO distributions. The kit contains reusable sanitary pads, underwears, dry bag, and a carry pouch.

Reusable sanitary pad
Female Underwear
Carry pouch
Drying bag

The kits are customisable

Why use our Hygiene kit?

We usually recommend having 3 maxi pads and 1 super maxi pad. However, we can have any combination depending on the need.

We usually recommend having 2 underwears however, we can have any number of underwears.

The dry bag is helpful in drying the pad hygienically and safely. The pad can be placed inside the bag and hung on a hook for drying under the sun or in a ventilated area.

The hygiene kit provides a 360 degree solution for a menstruating female who is unable to access menstrual hygiene products due to disaster and economic difficulties. The kit can support a woman for 18 months.