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Menstrual panties

Our products

Menstrual panties

Menstrual panties

Our menstrual panties are highly absorbent, soft, skin-friendly, and soft. The fabric used is organic cotton which is highly breathable even during menstruation. The panties are easy to wash and use and have the same absorbency and safety features as our reusable sanitary pad.


How to use and care?

Why use our Menstrual panties?


1 woman uses about 250 sanitary pads in a year which creates waste that is equivalent to disposing of 1000 plastic bags. These panties are made of 90% cotton and can be easily decomposed.


Disposable pads are more expensive as they are required to be bought each month. Our reusable sanitary panties prove to be more economical in the long run. One woman buys 250 disposable pads in a year as opposed to only 4 panties.

Hygienic and safe

Our reusable panties are made with carefully and fairly sourced raw material. The Menstrual panties is free of chemicals or fragrance to protect the user against infections. The fabric is antibacterial which does not allow inhibition of yeast or fungi. The pad can be washed and reused for 18 months safely. The pad will never have a foul smell even after wearing the same pad for 8-10 hours.


Our menstrual panties can be washed and reused safely for 18 months. A user does not need to buy a sanitary pad for 18 months if they use these pads. They are durable and the quality remains intact even after 100 washes.

Medically preferred

Using menstrual panties is one of the safest options out of all menstrual hygiene products. If washed and used properly, they are less likely to cause allergic reactions since cloth does not sweat or moisture as opposed to disposable pads and tampons.

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