Reusable Sanitary pads for the Environment:


Are you trying to lead a more environmentally friendly life but don’t know where to start? Start from yourself, from your body and try to cut out unnecessary plastic dependency on items such as plastic sanitary pads, plastic bottles, plastic toothbrushes, plastic cotton bud sticks.


There are a few alternatives to plastic sanitary pads available in the market such as menstrual cups, cotton pads, reusable cloth pads. These alternatives not only reduce plastic waste but also reduce pollution from factories since the products are reusable, fewer pads or cups would be manufactured all together. One woman, in her lifetime, disposes of around 11000 plastic pads and one plastic pad takes around 500-800 years to decompose.


By using reusable sanitary pads we are not only reducing plastic waste created from the pad itself but also the plastic wrapping which is used to wrap each pad individually. We should not only think about the pollution caused by the product itself but also throughout its supply chain.