5 Essential Tips for Menstrual Hygiene During Summer


Menstrual hygiene is critical to women’s health and especially necessary in the sweltering summer. To avoid infections, pain, and other health problems, practising extra caution with your period hygiene during these extreme temperatures is critical. Here are some essential tips for menstrual hygiene during summertime to remember:


Use Fresh Sanitary Supplies Often:

Changing sanitary products frequently throughout the summer is one of the most important menstrual hygiene suggestions. Bacterial growth can result from heat and humidity, resulting in infections and other health problems. Depending on your monthly flow, changing your pads or tampons is advised every four to six hours.


Utilise Appropriate Menstruation Products:

During the summer, the menstruation products you choose to use affect how hygienic you are. Change to period panties or menstruation cups because they are more breathable and can lessen the chance of bacterial growth. Using pads or tampons with a strong aroma or made of synthetic materials should be avoided as they may irritate the user.


Keep your Hygiene Up to Par:

Summertime is the time to practise good personal hygiene, especially if you’re menstruating. It’s crucial to wash your hands often, bathe or shower daily, and change your clothes. Sweat and moisture can encourage the growth of bacteria, resulting in infections and other health problems.


Keep Yourself Hydrated:

During the summer, drinking plenty of water is essential to maintaining hydration and regulating body temperature. Staying hydrated can lessen cramps and help you control your menstrual flow.


Clean Your Vagina Rightly:

Not only during periods, but cleaning your vagina is important on normal days as well. Make sure you wash your intimate area daily from front to back. The most common mistake many women make is they wash the area from the back to front, which lets the bacteria transmit from the anus to the vagina or urethra opening. So clean it from the front to the back, and wear a clean cotton panty afterward.


It’s necessary to take extra precautions in menstrual hygiene during summer as it is crucial to women’s health. Remember to follow these important menstrual hygiene suggestions to remain at ease, healthy, and hygienic while on your period.


Things to Avoid During Menstruation

It is possible to avoid potential health problems and ensure a pleasant and healthy period by practising proper menstrual hygiene and abstaining from particular activities while on your period. Here are certain things to avoid during menstrual days:

    • Wearing Tight Clothing:Restrictive clothing can be irritating and uncomfortable during the menstrual cycle. Infections and bacterial development can result from it trapping heat and moisture, too.

    • Intense Exercise:Exercising vigorously while menstruating can be painful and uncomfortable. It’s important to pay attention to your body and refrain from excessive exercise while on your period. Walking or other forms of light exercises, such as yoga, can ease cramps and lift your spirits.

    • Unhealthy Eating Patterns:Unhealthy eating patterns, such as consuming foods high in sugar or salt, can worsen menstrual cramps and cause more bloating. A nutritious and balanced diet is imperative to promote your general health and well-being throughout your period.


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