Use & Care

How to wear ?

Use Pad

Put the pad inside the underwear.

Period Pad

Place the pad in the underwear with the soft side facing upwards.

Periods Pad

Wrap the wings around the underwear and secure it with buttons.

How to Wash & Reuse ?

Step : 1

Soak the pad in cold water.

Use Pads

Step : 2

Scrub the pad using hands with soap.

Sanotary Pads Use

Step : 3

Squeeze the pad with hands to draw out the water from it.

Use Sanitary Pad

Step : 4

Rinse with clean water.

Washable Pads

Step : 5

Dry the pad under sun or in a ventilated area.

Resuable Pads

Step : 6

When dry, reuse

Reusable Pad