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It reduces the amount of sanitary waste produced. It is more economical as compared to plastic sanitary pads in the market. It is antibacterial and has cushion padding for comfort.
One woman in her lifetime uses more than 16000 disposable sanitary pads or tampons. One traditional plastic sanitary pad takes more than 800 years to decompose. These pads are dumped in landfills and seas, threatening marine life and causing pollution. Moreover, manufacturing plastic pads releases harmful gases, contributing to air pollution. On the other hand, one ReliefPad can be used for 2 years, contributing to waste reduction
The comfort factor can be attributed to the soft cloth and snap buttons that are effective in securing the pad in place at all times. No possibility of rashes and infections since it is chemical and fragrance-free. It does not stick to the body and is highly breathable. It has cushion-padding for extra comfort.
You can order a pack of 3 maxi pads and 1 super maxi pad from Amazon India’s website.
You can use one ReliefPad for 18 months
No, you can not share your reliefPad with other people.
No, it can only be washed using hands and soap.

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